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Keyport FIrst Aid is supported by two 2009 Ford E-450 PL Custom Ambulances, two 1994 Ford Bruan Ambulances and two rescue boats.  KFA also houses and operates NJ EMS Task Force's Medical Ambulance Bus 6 (MAB6).


Our newest ambulances.... 

Pictured above is 2256.  2258 is identical to 2256 and was completed a couple months before 2256.  Pictures were taken by PL Custom just before delivery.

Prior to the PL Custom ambulances, we ran with two 1994 Ford E-350 Bruan Emergency Vehicles ambulances.


Unknown year Boston Whaler
Used by the KFAS for all water rescues up until a 2004 Carolina skiff was donated to the Squad

2004 Carolina skiff rescue boat

Received through a generous donation by a local Marina

Medical Ambulance Bus 6