Keyport First Aid Keyport First Aid 2257 Rig 2257 60220173 2256 Rig 2256 60220174 2258 Keyport First Aid Squad rescue boat. (2258) 60220175 Calling Out of Service Jesse calling 2257 out of service at the building 60220176 New Rescue Boat 60220177 Wishing they could drive Beth and Kaitlin sitting in the rig wishing that they can drive the ambulance!!! (AND NOW THEY CAN!) 60220178 Cadets Marching Keyport First Aid Cadet Squad presenting themselves in a parade. 60220179 First Aid Patch The patch worn proudly by members of our squad 60220180 View Of Cab 60220181 Drill The Cadets Conducting A Drill 60220182 Cadet Program The Early Years 60220183 2008 NJ EMS Awards Good Lookin' Crew 60220184 2008 NJ EMS Awards The Gang 60220185 2008 NJ EMS Awards Danny & Jessica 60220186 2008 NJ EMS Awards Proud to be a nominee 60220187 2008 NJ EMS Awards Bon Appetito 60220188 2008 NJ EMS Awards Ken Krohe & Matt Salvatore<BR>Nominees for Outstanding EMT-B.... We are proud of you guys! 60220189