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The Cadets of the Keyport First Aid are composed of young adults in grades 8 through 12. These young adults are provided with the opportunity to gain early knowledge into the field of EMS.  Once 16, they can begin riding along with the Adult squad on emergency calls.  If the young adults show continued dedication to the squad and interest in pursuing further, they may be eligible to get their EMT certification. Once an EMT, these young adults can treat patients under the observation of an Adult EMT. The cadets are a vital and helpful part of our organization.

2016 Officers

Cadet Line Officerss
 Andrew Belanger 
1st Lieutenant
 Mike Marks 
2nd  Lieutenant
 Joe Lanzaro 
1st Engineer
 Jake Staeger 
2nd Engineer
 Joe Mantino
3rd Engineer
 Russell Wood 
Cadet Administrative Officers
Tyler Ely
Vice President
Madison Graham
Alexis Walsh
Asst. Secretary
Madelyn Yale
Asst. Treasurer
Nikki Hicks
Jake Staeger
Madison Graham
Cadet Advisors
Ken Krohe
 Tom Gallo
 Rick Ely
 Dylan Borders
 Pearl Dixon
 Dee Kiernan
 Debbie Brudnicki